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Phoenix Coal Company works to develop the following products:

» The Kelly Ranch mine produces a Low-Sulphur Compliance coal of .6% sulphur, 12,000 BTU, 10% Ash and 10% Moisture.

» The Bradshaw Mine produces a coal of 4.2% Sulphur, 12,500 BTU, 10% Ash and 9% Moisture.

» Garland Mine produces a Washed Coal of 3.8% Sulphur, 11,800 BTU, 12% Ash and 9% Moisture.

» Phoenix Coal can also offer a "Stokered" Coal product from our Low-Sulphur coal. This product typical analysis is 12,800 BTU, 0.5% Sulphur, 7% Ash and 7% Moisture.

» Phoenix Coal can offer coal in 50lbs Bags for home and blacksmithing needs.

*Complete analysis can be made available upon request.