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Phoenix Coal Company's scientists, engineers and agricultural specialists are charged with reclaiming land to a condition that is equal to or better than the condition it was before it was mined.

Reclamation science requires a succinct and comprehensive plan. Before the soil is first turned, federal, state or tribal regulatory agencies must approve of the comprehensive restoration blueprint put forth. By law, mined land must be returned to a condition that is equal to or better than before mining occurred. Phoenix Coal's environmental team takes an ecological approach to land restoration, maintaining or developing a healthy and sustainable environment for plants. Often reclaimed lands become more beneficial and productive than the native environment was.

A master plan is developed for each watershed. Various techniques are applied to control soil loss, including minimizing the steepness and length of slopes, creating channels for runoff as well as ponds for livestock and or wildlife. Then our scientists study soils, plants and wildlife habitat to develop seed mixes that are comprised of grasses, flowering plants, shrubs or trees that will flourish in the particular climate and region.

As the mining progresses, care is taken so that the earth and rock are graded a specified way, so that the land's original contour and area are topsoiled, disked, seeded and mulched. Hardy vegetation is then established relatively quickly. To ensure the success of our efforts, the land is continually monitored until sufficient revegitation is established.